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Pichi Collection Update!

Finally stopped being lazy and updated my Pichi Collection Post!

Here's whats new in case you're too lazy to take a look at my post lol!


If you've done any kind of transaction with me (bought/traded/sold) please be sure to leave feedback here!


Thanks ^_^



Here's what's on my wishlist! Items I'm willing to trade for or buy!
All items must be the official released versions no bootlegs(except for a few MMPPP)!
Please visit my trade/sale post to see what's available to trade!

Updated regularly so please come back to see if you have anything!

Please take a look!

Saban Little Mermaid Doll*Acquired*

Winx Mermaids Amarea

Winx Mermaid Coralia

Licca Mermaid

Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Plush*First Idol Hanon and Lucia Acquired!*:
Okay I really enjoyed SRT Endless Frontier! It was a great game and I loved the characters as well as the artwork!
I was really excited to hear they were making a sequel, and come on Reju(the new heroine) is beautiful!

Well it's been revealed on Famitsu that the previous characters will come back for the sequel, and the videos/screens
show that it plays very closely to the previous title as well.

Hmmm I kinda have mixed feelings on that, I mean I really enjoyed the first but I think that they should make sequels that much
better and innovative. It seems like they're recycling to me and not taking a step forward. It's early to judge but hopefully they'll
reveal new features to make it seem like a sequel not the first one with two new characters and story.
My DS Game Library:

Kinda hard to see but meh!

Shantae Risky's Revenge

Shantae for the Gameboy Color remains one of the best handheld games I ever played!
I got it for my birthday almost 10 yrs ago and I've still re-played it throughout the years!

FINALLY after all this time Shantae's getting a sequel for the DSi!
It'll come out before the end of the year, and what's best is an all new tranformation!



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